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Blagdon Pond Monsta – The ultimate pond cleaning system



The Pond Monsta is a revolution in pond cleaning. Consumers now can have a pond cleaning system that works well, solves age old pond cleaning problems and is easy to use.



Swimming Pool Chlorine – STAR-CHLON JAPAN 45KG 70% (Calcium Hypochlorit Chlorine Granules )


Made in Japan

  • Description: 70% Chlorine Granules
  • Calcium hypochlorite is also known as un-stabilized Chlorine. It does not contains stabilizer and require further addition dozing of stabilizer. Without the protection of stabilizer, the chlorine will evaporate off within 1 day in hot Singapore weather.
  • Calcium hypochlorite is very effective against bacteria, algae, slime, fungi and harmful microorganisms.
  • Common applications of calcium hypochlorite are :
    • Sterilization for swimming pool, spa and hot tub
    • Sterilization for water supplies and sewage
    • Sanitization for food and beverage, dairies, restaurants, farms etc…
    • Bleaching of pulp, paper, fibre and pepper
    • Treatment of waster effluents for industries such as food processing plants, textile mills, tanneries etc…
    • Treatment of water for industrial cooling systems
    • Disinfectant for general cleaning for floors, toilets
    • Washing vegetables & fruits
    • Sterilisation of water storage tanks by licensed water service plumber (50 ppm of free chlorine)

– Reference: SS CP48


Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose


Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose
Model: SF03-021